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About Us

Our swimwear is the fruit of labor of our talented designer, Esther Rouimi. Growing up in Montreal impacted her style as well as her eye for design, giving the clothing that she would create a french-inspired look while at the same time having an American feeling to it.

Since she was young, she was inspired by Chanel and always loved looking her best, making spontaneous mix and matches of her clothing she owned and aspired to one day create her very own clothing line. With that goal in mind, she studied fashion design, accompanied by sewing and pattern making, and being one of the top students in her class.

One day though she ran into a problem. Since modesty was a part of her lifestyle but she also loved the sun, beach, pool, and anything else that had to do with getting a tan, she wanted to find a modest swimsuit that would fit to her French/American style, and yet, she couldn’t find anything of the sort. Things out there were either too plain, boxy, poor quality, or just outright horrible. She wondered if she was the only crazy one at there, but yet persisted with finding the right swimsuit for herself. After no luck, she came to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing out there that would fit her needs. She needed to change that.

With much inspiration in her, she went to a nearby fabric store and bought all sorts of swimwear fabric. She rushed back home and after some measuring, cutting, and a lot of alterations, there it was, her modest yet super fashionable swimsuit. She was glowing with satisfaction, and when she showed it to her friends and family they raved about it and all wanted one! She knew she was on to something, and that is how Esther Rouimi Modest Swimwear was born.

Here at Esther Rouimi Modest Swimwear, we pride ourselves by being the perfect mix of modesty and fashion, while using top quality fabrics and manufacturers, and at the same time having amazing customer service for all our clients around the world. We created this company to make a difference in the world of modesty and are sure that in the long run it will become a house-hold name for every woman out there.

To Modesty and Fashion everywhere,

- Esther Rouimi Modest Swimwear.